Race Bug
Sym-ayak.jpg Ayakashi
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Massive Claws
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1, Scars
Japanese Asuka Tanii (Little Girl)
Shiku Nishimae (Transformed)
English Michelle Ruff (Little Girl)
Kirk Thornton (Transformed)

Yumigane (弓鉄, Iron Bow) is a type of Ayakashi that start off as cute and harmless human girl, then transforms into a much larger, combat-ready bug form with massive claws.[1]


Yumigane has a black cockroach-like body with feelers and two massive claws on its hands. Its body is long, which is responsible for it's massive height.[1]


Yumigane is first seen in its harmless form hiding from Yoshimori and Madarao under a bridge that goes over a small pond. As

Yumigane's child form

Yoshimori splashes the pond, it tries to make a quick getaway, but is quickly spotted by Madarao. It quickly jumps away and hides in a big oak tree. Madarao tells Yoshimori to capture the entire tree with one kekkai, and he is successful. Yumigane falls from the tree and takes form of a young girl with a massive wound on the left of her body. Yumigane apologizes to Yoshimori, saying why she came to Karasumori and about her wounds and how all the others for not getting strong enough’d devour her.[1] Yumigane quickly transforms, and then breaks Yoshimori's kekkai with one swift cross chop with one claw. As Yumigane raises his claw and prepares to finish off Yoshimori, Tokine rushes in the way of the attack and takes it, getting three cuts on her arm with blood splattering from them. She quickly traps and destroys Yumigane, then uses Tenketsu to make sure he doesn't regenerate.

Powers and Abilities

Massive Claws: When Yumigane transformed, he gained two massive claws on each hand that he uses to severely injure Tokine and to cut through Yoshimori's kekkai effortlessly.[1]
Miasma: As an additional threat, Yumigane releases miasma, a poisonous mist, likely directly through his claws. Yoshimori was unaffected because he avoided direct contact, but Tokine's wounds were infected with the poison.[1]


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