Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation
The Shadow Organization
Previous Occupation Prosecution Office
Previous Team Special Investigations Team
Previous Partner Kiyoderu Yuugami
Base of Operations Guillotine Island
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Psychic Powers
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 205

Yashiro (夜城) worked in The Shadow Organization's Prosecution Office on Guillotine Island, and was a member of its Special Investigations Team. Her specialty is brainwashing, and her psychic power manifests itself in the form of a large, black bird.[1]


From the moment of her introduction, Yashiro is clothed in black from head to toe, revealing only a small portion of her face around her eyes, and her hands. She has orange hair and is rather short.


Yashiro is very cold and imposing, and has great confidence in her powers. She is completely shocked when she cannot defeat Yoshimori, and becomes so frightened of him that she can no longer fight. Yashiro herself was being mind controlled by the Sousui, and was compelled to commit suicide when there was a risk of her leaking information about his plans.


Little is known about Yashiro's past. She briefly mentions knowing someone else with Saikaku's eyes[2] and as she was possessed by one of the Sousui's serpents[3], she was most likely referring to Suigetsu.


Yashiro and Kiyoderu Yuugami appear abruptly at the Yukimura Home on the back of Kamina, a giant bat-like demon, introducing themselves as Special Investigators from the Shadow Organization's Prosecution Office, and ask Tokine to come with them to answer questions concerning her role in the murder of the Hidagou Lord. Kiyoderu seems rather biased against Tokine during the trip, while Yashiro is more relaxed. After arriving at their base on Guillotine Island, Tokine is processed into the prison system, and Yashiro decides that she should be interrogated right away. Kiyoderu handles the questioning, after which Yashiro leaves the two alone, secretly making preparations to brainwash Tokine. However, Kiyoderu helps Tokine escape, and once Yashiro returns, claims that Tokine attacked him. Yashiro is able to see through the deception and stabs Kiyoderu, framing Tokine for his murder.


Dagger: Yashiro carries a large dagger[4], but generally saves it as a last line of defense should her powers fail to defeat an opponent.[5]

Powers & Abilities


Yashiro's avatar

Psychic Powers: Yashiro possesses psychic powers, and her psychic avatar is a large, black crane. When it strikes her victims, they fall under her influence and are typically paralyzed at once, allowing her to take her time in defeating them.[6] Both Saikaku and Yuugami observed that Yashiro's psychic abilities were greater than they should have been, possibly as a result of the Sousui's brainwashing.

  • Brainwashing: Yashiro is especially talented at brainwashing her victims.


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