Yaichi and Tsukinojou
Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi (Unicorn & Griffin)
Gender Both Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Sym-so Night Troop
Occupation Combat Unit
Partner Atora Hanashima
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Technique Shape Shifting (Yaichi)
Sickle Tail (Tsukinojou)
Flight (Both)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 102: Resurgence
Anime Episode 43, Resurgence

Yaichi (夜一) and Tsukinojou (月之拯) are two of Atora Hanashima's demons. Unlike the others, these two are specifically deployed as a pair, and despite their childish rivalry, they can work well together when needed.[1]


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Yaichi is a multi-eyed unicorn with a light green mane and a dark blue body. Tsukinojou is a pale yellow griffin with large wings, blue and black eyes, and a sickle-shaped tail.


Yaichi is somewhat sensitive and seems to occasionally need reassurance from Atora, but is easily drawn into fights with Tsukinojou as a result. He always calls Atora "nee-san."[1] Tsukinojou is mischievous and enjoys teasing Yaichi. He refers to both Atora and Yaichi with the title of "-dono" (though it has a teasing tone in the case of Yaichi).[1]


Defending Karasumori

While giving instructions to her demons for the battle with Kokuboro, Atora Hanashima simply tells them to do whatever they like, as she herself is focused on avenging the death of Gen Shishio.[2]

Hunting Ichirou Ougi

Atora, Yaichi, and Tsukinojou are part of the Night Troop team chosen to bring Ichirou Ougi to justice. The team gathers around a temple owned by a distant relative of the Ougi Clan, where Ichirou is suspected to be hiding, based on Okuni's information.[3] Atora, Yaichi, and Tsukinojou, along with Mukade and others, compose the sky team, placed to intercept Ichirou if he attempts to escape through the air. Something manages to slip past Tsukinojou, but he assumes he imagined it.[4]

Powers & Abilities


  • Shape Shifting: Yaichi can shift his body into various forms in order to bind enemies.[1]


  • Sickle Tail: Tsukinojou's main weapon is his tail, which can slice through enemies with ease. He also uses it as a handle to pull Yaichi out of danger.[1]


  • Flight: Both Yaichi and Tsukinojou are capable of flight, and are almost entirely an air combat attack unit.[1]


  • Yaichi (夜一) means one night.
  • In the name Tsukinojou, 'Tsuki' (月) means moon or month. 'No' (之) means the and 'Jou' (拯) means save.


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