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Tokine using Utsusemi.

Utsusemi (空身, Empty Handed), also known as the Hado Ultimate Technique, is a restricted access element for expert-level users of the Hazama-Ryu Kekkaijutsu.[1] The essential point of Hado is the assimilation of power, thus power other than the user's own. The technique doesn't turn power into power, but rather it assimilates power and renders it ineffective, thus freeing power from the shape of power. In the spirit world of a Shinyuuchi, objects there normally do not have a physical existence, but are made from a Shinyuuchi's power. Utsusemi is the culmination of assimilating, and therefore there is no place inaccessible to the practitioner in the spirit world. This isn't simply phasing through walls; it is in fact complete freedom.[2] Utsusemi is a technique that requires high sensitivity and minuscule measurement of power that wears on the nerves. However, if used for an extended period, there is a risk of extreme exhaustion, and in more serious cases, body deterioration.[3]

Known Users

  • Tokine Yukimura - Learned from Mikeno, used at Hakuma to defend herself against The Gazer's attack. She over-exerted herself and thus caused her legs to deteriorate, but was healed by The Gazer.


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