Okay soo...

I had a good idea to put my retarded Office Applications Skill that I learned in Rhode Island to good use.

I used Microsoft Excel WebApp on SkyDrive to make numbers and graphs. Information collected came from all the emails I've gotten containing WikiViews, Edits Made, and people joined.

Here's a screenshot of my Book:

Kekkaishi Wikia Graphs1

Click on The Photo to Enlarge

So, there's absolutely no problems with the Edits Made section. That is not my concern.

I really don't have any concerns except for some of the zeros.

Those worry me.

So, what do we do now?

I'm gonna make these for each month.

Also, DO NOT ask me what happened to November 17th. I may have accidentally deleted the email.


Kekkaishi Wikia Graphs2

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It's weird how views dramatically go down to 0 for about four-five days.

Anyway, so here's the latest Views report. I was too lazy to enter number of edits and people joined.

Update 2


I've been hovering in the background for a while now, but I always check my email. This time, it shows the entire month of January.....well.....of how many emails I got in my new email that I linked to my account.


Kekkaishi Wikia Graphs3
Not that bad. No 0's, awesome!

I didn't put the number of edits, but they were quite high. Excellent job.

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