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Hi. I am Apple, an Administrator of the Kekkaishi Wiki. I am inactive till about June, 2016 but I sometimes log in to check for messages, so if you need something Contact me!

Reminder For Myself

Some of the things I need to do when I'm active again (priority):

-- Change the wiki layout/color/back ground of the wiki. (Try and make it like Yoshimori's and Tokine's uniform and kekkai... The green/purple combo)

-- Work on a template that can make sections collapsible, or a simple collapsible template for articles. Sections like plots can be too long and thus, the character's page becomes never ending -.- To make it presentable and readable, this is necessary.

-- Create a new main page that is better looking and fits with the wiki layout you'll apply.

-- Policies and Guidelines page has to be managed and, if possible, try and create customized templates for it.

-- An article to explain to users where they can help out, and articles that needs their help.

-- Edit pages because we need new featured articles on the main page.

-- Upload anime images. Upload manga images. Replace low quality ones, or the ones that have text in speech bubbles or subtitles.

--Make battle pages and add featured battle on the main page

--Change color for chapter nav.