Tori gate

A twin set of shrine arches (Torii) , located on a pair of rooftops and virtually surrounded by taller buildings, mark the entrances to the realm of Lord Tan'yuu (淡幽の神佑地, Tan'yuu's Shinyuuchi) . Some Ayakashi constantly hover around the arches, but do not appear aggressive.[1]


Originally a single shrine, buildings were later built, effectively separating the two arches.[1]

Land Specifics

Lake house

Each shrine contains a specific entrance to the spirit world: the black shrine holds a mirror[2], and the white shrine holds a pool. [3] The inside of the realm consists of forest land and a wide, open field.[4] The central feature is a large lake, with the god's mansion overlooking it nearby.[5]

Local God

Lord Tan'yuu is a moody god with little faith in himself, but highly devoted servants. He sometimes resembles a bird.


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