Unnamed Miko
Race Human
Age 12-18
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation
The Shadow Organization
Previous Occupation Serpent's Eye, Miko
Previous Partner Saki
Base of Operations Serpent's Eye Mansion
Personal Status
Technique Prognostication
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 246

An unnamed miko who was formerly a member of Serpent's Eye along with Saki.[1]


She is a young girl with pale hair that is styled similar to Saki's.[1]


Unlike Saki, she was largely unconcerned with Nozomi's death itself, and instead focused on the ceremony that would select the next Head Miko.[1]


After discovering Nozomi's corpse, Saki faints, and later awakens under the care of another miko. Though Saki is concerned about Nozomi, the miko quickly dismisses the matter, instead urging Saki to prepare for the ceremony that will select the next Head Miko. She mentions that it was unwise of Saki to cut her hair, since she is still a candidate.[1] With Serpent's Eye being dissolved shortly after, the fates of the miko (other than Saki) remains unknown.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Prognostication: As with all miko with Serpent's Eye, she would have had the ability to view future events and make accurate predictions.


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