An unnamed Kekkaishi that confronted Kaguro while he was still human. He was capable of producing a powerful Zekkai.[1]


What stood out most in Kuroda's mind about the Kekkaishi were his eyes, which were dark and terrifying. Aside from that, he wore largely traditional clothing for a monk or Kekkaishi.[1]


The Unnamed Kekkaishi was first seen during a flashback of Kaguro's past. Before Kaguro became an Ayakashi, he found him. The Kekkaishi sensed the darkness within Kuroda (Kaguro's pre-Ayakashi name), and proclaimed that the only reason that Kuroda could cut through Kekkai was because he was no longer human, but a demon, and as such, it was a Kekkaishi's job to destroy him. The Kekkaishi then used a Zekkai, but the very sight of it scared Kuroda away. Part of the reason Kuroda eventually became an Ayakashi was so that he would have enough power to defeat the Kekkaishi.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Hazama-Ryu Kekkai technique: During his encounter with Kuroda, he briefly used a Kekkai, then immediately produced a powerful Zekkai that surrounded his entire body (he also shouted the technique's name, which is how Kaguro knows it).[1]


  • The Kekkaishi greatly resembles Masamori Sumimura and even possessed a similar demeanor.


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