Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Karasumori Clan
Previous Occupation Princess
Base of Operations Karasumori Castle
Personal Status
Relatives Emperor (Father)
Tokimori Hazama (Lover)
Chushinmaru Karasumori (Son)
Technique Spiritual Perception
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 313
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Tsukikage (月影) was the princess of the Karasumori Clan, as well as the lover of Tokimori Hazama. She and other members of her family were blessed with powers of spiritual perception, though hers was the strongest.[1]


Tsukikage was fascinated by Ayakashi, to the point where she asked one to bring others to her home so that she could see them. She was also very compassionate, and greatly concerned for the state of Tokimori's soul, which was among the darkest she had ever seen.[1]


Because Tsukikage's body was weak, she was virtually confined to the Karasumori castle. She had a strong desire to see Ayakashi, and was fascinated by Tokimori Hazama, who was able to tame any number of them and sometimes took her outside of the castle in secret. At the same time, Tsukikage was also greatly saddened by the darkness she saw in his heart. Despite this, they fell in love, and Tsukikage became pregnant with his child. Infuriated by their union, her father threw Tokimori out of the castle. As revenge, Tokimori designed a plan to give his child enormous power[1], but the newborn child became so powerful that he unknowingly drained the lives of everyone near him, even Tsukikage herself. Her final wish was for Tokimori to raise their child.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Spiritual Perception: Tsukikage was occasionally able to see a person's emotions in physical form. To her, the darkness in Tokimori's soul appeared as heavy, black robes constantly weighing him down, even when he was laughing or smiling.[1]


  • Tsukikage's name (月影) means moon shadow.


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