Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Earth Absorption
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2, Yoshimori and Tokine

Tsuchigama (蝦蟇, Ground Frog) was an ayakashi that absorbed earth.[1]


It has a frog-like body with four legs, has roughly 15 bulges on its body, two yellow eyes that are far apart from each other with three black circles, and a tail.[1]


Tokine against Tsuchigama

Tokine guards against Tsuchigama

Tsuchigama was first spotted by Yoshimori running along side bushes. He fails to trap it and it hovers over the ground, shooting yellow balls of light at him. He quickly forms a kekkai to protect himself, but Tsuchigama ran away from him. It hides in another pair of bushes from Tokine and waits for the perfect moment as it absorbs more matter. It jumps up and as it soars in the air, it shoots more balls of light from its mouth at Tokine, and she uses her kekkai to protect herself. It lands on a wall of the Karasumori Academy and absorbs parts of the wall, shooting more balls of light at Tokine. Again, she uses a kekkai to protect herself, but the constant shooting upon her kekkai is draining her of all her stamina.
Tokine shields Yoshimori

Tokine shields Yoshimori

When Yoshimori catches up, he takes off his sandals and changes into sneakers, followed by scolding from Madarao. He runs in the way as a large ball of light is shot from Tsuchigama’s mouth at Tokine. Yoshimori jumps in the way and uses his shakujo to stop it. The shakujo breaks in two and he throws it aside, running towards Tsuchigama as it continues shooting. He traps it, but before he can destroy it, it shoots a big ball at him and Tokine forms a kekkai around him, protecting him from the impact. Yoshimori takes her shakujo, collapses the kekkai, and then uses it to absorb Tsuchigama’s matter so it can’t regenerate again.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Tsuchigama attacking

Tsuchigama's earth absorption

Earth Absorption: Tsuchigama can absorb any solid surface with its tail, draw the material into its body, and release it as a volley of yellow balls from its mouth. Harder materials increases its attack power.[2] Its absorption is limited, but it is able to store contents within its body and attack through the air and change to a different surface.[1]

Long Distance Jumping:Having a frog-like body, Tsuchigama is able to jump very high.[1]


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