Tokimori Hazama's Ayakashi
Race All Ayakashi
Gender Male & Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Tokimori Hazama
Previous Occupation Guardians, Trainers, Transports, Playmates
Previous Team Hakubi, Madarao, Kumon, Shimano, Kokuyou, Mio, Mikeno
Previous Partner Tokimori Hazama
Personal Status
First Appearance

Due to his natural ability to subdue Ayakashi without the use of sealing, Tokimori Hazama was able to collect a large number of them during his years as a Kekkaishi. Though he initially only kept them as pets and occasional helpers, some would be assigned to assist future Kekkaishi clans in protecting the land of Karasumori. Others have apparently remained in Hazama's service, with a few ending up as playmates for his son Chushinmaru Karasumori.

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