Race Ootengu
Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Aibasan
Future Local God of Aibasan
Heir of Karasutengu of Aibasan
Partner Kokuunsai (father), Shidou (servant)
Base of Operations Aibasan
Technique Flight
Body Manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 179: Confinement on the Mountain (tornado form)
Chapter 180: Tobimaru (full view)

Though Tobimaru (飛丸) was born when Kokuunsai divided himself, producing a younger body (and somewhat reducing the size of his original body), Tobimaru is recognized as his son, and therefore prince of Aibasan. Like his father, he is fond of pretty girls (Tokine seems to be his favorite), though instead of simply spying on them, he tends to tackle them so he can admire their scents up close.[1]


Tobimaru is a small, dark-haired child with two wings on his back.[1]


Tobimaru's attitude is somewhat inherited from his father: he has a strong fondness for pretty girls, and especially enjoys admiring their scents and chests. Because of his status as a prince, he seems to think nothing of invading a girl's personal space, even after repeated protests.[1]


The Heir of Aibasan

In order to continue the clan bloodline, Kokuunsai goes into seclusion under Shidou's watchful eye. During this period, Yoshimori attempts to get in touch with Shidou, so Shidou arranges for the twin karasutengu Haikawa & Haisawa to bring Yoshimori to the castle. Yoshimori unexpectedly brings Tokine and Sen Kagemiya with him.[2] This clashes with Shidou's plan to hopefully train the new heir to stay away from women. The castle is suddenly ravaged by several types of extreme weather, and Shidou worries that his master is reacting to the female presence in the castle. Still, the division is successful,[3] though the young heir Tobimaru has clearly inherited his father's lecherous tendencies, as his first act is to latch onto Tokine's chest, and then Sen's (mistaking him for a girl). Shidou blames this on Yoshimori having brought a girl into the castle. Kokuunsai arrives and calls for a feast to celebrate. Yoshimori, Tokine, and Sen are forced to sit through the feast until Kokuunsai gets drunk and falls asleep with Tobimaru. After arranging for some karasutengu to return the guests to Karasumori, Shidou also gives them wrapped gifts. On the way out, however, Tobimaru tampers with the boxes and alters the gifts inside. Yoshimori's is a tornado that picks him up and slams him into the ground, but Sen's and Tokine's boxes release clouds that temporarily give them both large breasts.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Flight: Tobimaru's wings enable him to fly.[1]
Body Modification: Tobimaru is able to modify the human body at will. Specifically, he temporarily enlarges the chests of Tokine and Sen Kagemiya as a "gift".[1]


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