The Shadow Organization's star

The Shadow Organization (裏会, Urakai) is an umbrella group organizing all ability users and those who fight Ayakashi and other demons. Originally, the Shadow Organization was meant to be an ordinary organization. Yumeji Hisaomi wanted to gather people who wanted to get away from their families, especially those who were not heirs in their family.[1]


Group of Twelve seating order: (left side, from door) Masamori, Konozuka, Kagen, Ichirou, Tatsuki, Nura, (right side, from door) Kusaribe, Juho, Okuni, Tsumugi, Meian, Yumeji

The Group of Twelve's star

As the organization's creators, the Oumi brothers held the most powerful positions: Nichinaga as the Sousui, the overall commander that operated largely from the shadows, and Yumeji as head of the Group of Twelve (十二人会, Juunininkai), an executive committee that controlled the majority of organization's activities. Upon being appointed to a seat, each executive was given a membership badge as proof of their position. Should that badge be stolen or destroyed, that executive would lose their position.[2]

The organization underwent a major restructuring following the war against former commander Nichinaga Oumi. According to Masamori, this is spearheaded by Tatsuki, who forces Nura Kidoin into leading the organization, but actually conducts most of the business herself. Aside from delegating much of her power, Tatsuki makes two other major changes: the three defected executives Juho, Tsumugi Kazuchika, and Kusaribe Gaiji are forced to return and contribute. Also, Masamori is demoted from his executive role (at the suggestion of Tokimori Hazama), and is now being used in an attempt to attract new, young recruits.[3]

Under the Oumi Brothers' Control

Group of Twelve

Former Group of Twelve Members

Offices & Groups

The Shadow Organization is made up of various offices and groups, each with its own set of functions that benefit the organization as a whole.

  • Management Office - (Destroyed)
    • Section Chief (Deceased)
    • Tanaka (Deceased)
    • Takahashi (Deceased)

Night Troop

The Night Troop when Gen joined. Pictured are (roughly from left to right): Misao, Shu, Hakota's mother, Dai, Hakota, Sen, Kei, Odo, Hakudo, Mother with Spirit Baby, Takemitsu, Ito, Mukade, Aikawa, Kikusui, Shiragiku, Miki, Fumiya, Makio, Todoroki, and Atora

The Night Troop (夜行, Yagyō), otherwise known as the Shadow Organization's Task Force, is an organization that executes its missions without anyone noticing.[4] It is made up of ability users, ranging from adults to children, who train in the use of their abilities.

Combat Unit
Intelligence Unit
Sorcery Unit
Relief Unit
Transportation Unit
Education Unit
Cooking & Provision Procurement Units

Associated Teams

Though several Night Troop members are active within multiple units simultaneously, they often work with or are deployed alongside the comrades most familiar to them. Certain pairs or groups are almost always seen together.

Shinyuuchi Hunters

The Shinyuuchi Hunters at first appeared to be a small, independent but powerful group of ability users that were gradually targeting and draining various shinyuuchi of their power. It was later revealed that they were acting on Yumeji's orders, partially out of spite because the Sousui had abandoned them in the past.[5] Since the death of Yumeji, the surviving hunters had been reabsorbed into the Sousui Faction, though not by choice.[6] With the failure of Kakeru's world destruction spell, the group has disbanded.[7]

Former Members


The Yumeji Faction

Recognized as the "true" Shadow Organization, the Yumeji Faction (lead largely by Yumeji Hisaomi) is simultaneously upholding their original purpose of fighting Ayakashi, but also resisting attempts at their corruption and systematic destruction by the Sousui Faction and its mercenaries. However, between numerous assassinations and internal disputes, the faction has been largely decimated, and is currently reorganizing to effectively survive and fight back.

The Sousui Faction

From left to right: Suigetsu holding Haruka, Nichinaga (in En's body), Zero, Ichigou holding Kakeru, Sangou

Oumi Nichinaga, founder and commander of the Shadow Organization, was determined to destroy it, and was using several of the organization's own resources and ability users in secret to do so. With Nichinaga's death, the faction has disbanded.

Former Members


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