Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Gender All Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Aibasan
Occupation Ayakashi Clan
Team Karasutengu of Aibasan
Base of Operations Aibasan
Personal Status
Technique Flight
Sunlight Immunity
Human Transformation
Asexual Reproduction
United Power Transference
Unique Individual Powers
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 131
Anime N/A

Tengu (天狗) are a unique species of Ayakashi that have both human and avian characteristics. Tengu clans have two distinct species: the more common Karasutengu (crow tengu, such as Shidou), and the Ootengu (great tengu or Daitengu, such as Kokuunsai or Tobimaru) that rules over them. Karasutengu are about the size of small children and have black, human-shaped bodies, but also have the heads and wings of birds. Ootengu are a slightly different case: as children, they appear no different from human children, save for their white wings. A fully grown one, on the other hand, is giant-sized, and has a long nose, as well as clawed hands and feet.

Most Tengu appear to have human-level intelligence, and Karasutengu are largely serious and solemn. Ootengu seem to be a bit more carefree or playful, but are ruled largely by their mood, which can vary greatly from moment to moment.

Tengu have several features that set them apart from other Ayakashi. One such feature is their immunity to sunlight. This not only allows them to be active during daylight hours,[1] but also makes it possible for them to live in a castle situated high above cloud level.[2]

Another unique feature is the way that Tengu reproduce: there are no females, so males literally divide their bodies,[3] producing something of a younger clone in the process. This is especially important for the Ootengu, who carries the responsibility of maintaining the ruling bloodline and producing a young heir that will one day succeed him.

Tengu live in an organized clan. While such groupings are not unheard of among Ayakashi, Tengu display a degree of clan unity that is unusual for Ayakashi, who tend to be largely self-serving as a rule. Every member of the clan is devoted to ensuring its longevity and prominence. Collectively, they are able to temporarily transfer the entire clan's power into a single person through means of a Tengu feather.[4]


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