Front yard view, from left to right: shed, doghouse, dojo, and main house.

The Sumimura Home is a walled compound within walking distance of Karasumori Academy. Aside from the main house, the residence also includes a dojo, garden, storage shed, and Madarao's doghouse. Overall, it is almost identical to the Yukimura Home, the only other walled compound nearby.

Kekkaishi 0020 Labled2

The entire Sumimura compound.

Important Features

  • Dojo: As expected, this is where indoor Kekkaishi training takes place.
  • Madarao's Doghouse: Madarao's remains are stored here. As such, this is where he "sleeps" during the day and emerges from at night. If his spirit form is destroyed or seriously damaged in some way, it will return here to regenerate and recover, and re-emerge completely restored when ready.
  • Storage Shed: Serves as a storage vault for the family's ancient scrolls and talismans.
  • Well: Located at the back of the house, just behind the bathroom, is an old, sealed well. At the bottom, there is a short, narrow tunnel that ends at a small door with a small chamber on the other side. This chamber is known as the Blank Room (無想部屋), named for the blank state that is meant to be used while within it. Sumimura Legitimate Successors train here in order to fully master Musou. While there, they typically encounter numerous illusions as distractions, and once they have expended enough energy, they encounter Shimano, a nekomata Ayakashi and guardian of the well, who will guide them through the final stages of the training.
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