from left to right: Shigemori, Shuji, Masamori, Toshimori. center: Yoshimori.


The Sumimura Tenketsu

The Sumimura Family (墨村の家族) (or Clan) is one of two legitimate families created by Tokimori Hazama to succeed the Hazama-Ryu Kekkai technique because he had no Heirs of his own. Sumimura Kekkaishi tend to be powerhouses, and often employ strategies that either overwhelm enemies with sheer force[1], or outlast them in battles of attrition.[2]

Known Legitimate Heirs

Family Members

Affiliated Ayakashi

  • Madarao - Demon Wolf in service to the Sumimura Family (Hunting)
  • Shimano - Demon Cat in service to the Sumimura Family (Training)

Notable Allies

Notable Enemies


  • The word Sumimura is a combination of "sumi" meaning settled (or arranged) and "mura" meaning village.
  • It is implied that the sons of the Sumimura family are named after Tokimori Hazama; all of them have "mori" at the end of their given names.
  • The Sumimura shakujo has a flame design at the tip.
  • In the anime, Kekkai created by Sumimuras are blue in color.


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