Shion is usually accompanied by several Spider Goons, her loyal servants.[1] Though they seem to have limited intelligence and strength, they make up for it with their overwhelming numbers.


Hekian as a Spider Goon

They all wear black, tight-fitting bodysuits and white masks.[1]


They follow Shion's orders without hesitation and communicate via high-pitched squeaks.[1] While not very expressive, they have displayed shame while Shion was upset with them,[2] and pride when she depended on their skills.[3] They are not very smart, usually doing things wrong (such as accidentally dropping a large rock on Yoshimori when ordered to put it down gently).


Powers & Abilities

High Agility: They are very agile, and seem to have no trouble quickly scaling small buildings or maneuvering among high rafters.[2]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: They were easily able to dispatch Heisuke Matsudo's Ayakashi servants, and he commented that they must be very skilled to do so.[1]

Threat Detection: Shion typically sends them ahead of her as scouts or a first wave of attack in combat situations. This allows them to either locate a potential threat and report it back to her (such as Heisuke Matsudo's talismans),[1] or to come under enemy attack first, allowing Shion to judge the opponent's capabilities before encountering them herself (such as with Kagami).[2]


  • Though Shion was the commander of Kokuboro's 2nd Executive Department, she was never actually seen commanding anyone but her Spider Goons, which implies that they were the sole members.
  • Shion creates Spider Goons by binding and transforming Ayakashi (as seen with Hekian). Hekian is implied to have retained his vision-based ability after being transformed, so it is possible that individual Spider Goons possess a unique trait or ability that the others do not.


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