Michiru casting a spell

Spells (おまじない, majinai), charms, or incantations have a wide variety of uses. Spellcasters (majinaishi) (also referred to as practitioners, enchanters, or sorcerers) generally come in two main forms: those who use spells to supplement their main powers, and those who use spells almost exclusively. The latter frequently act as support in combat, while other ability users provide protection for them. Spells can range from simple, harmless illusions to highly destructive weapons, depending on the intent of the spell and the power of the user. Spellcasters have been described as quite common, [1] as virtually "any human with power" should be able to create an incantation.

Types of Spells

  • Marking: Used to mark a target or location.
  • Analysis: Used to examine something.
  • Neutralizing: Used to undo a Spell.
  • Summoning: Used to summon or create a creature.
  • Sealing: Used to seal, limit, or control something.
  • Destructive: Used to cause damage to something.
  • Healing: Used to repair damage.
  • Transport: Used to move people or objects.
  • Illusion: Used to create illusions.
  • Kekkai: Used to create (non-Kekkaishi) kekkai.

Known Specialized Spellcasters


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