Yoshimori, Tokine, and their Shikigami restoring a wall

Shuufuku (修復, Restoration), more commonly known as the Restoration Technique, is a high-level element of the Hazama-Ryu Kekkai technique, used to restore or repair an object.

Known Users

Usage Rules

In accordance with Tokimori Hazama's teachings, a Kekkaishi should strive not to involve normal people in matters of the spirit world.[1] To this end, any damage suffered to a site during battle should afterward be repaired by the Kekkaishi involved. As Karasumori Academy takes damage from Ayakashi (as well as overly enthusiastic Kekkaishi) on an almost nightly basis, Yoshimori and Tokine spend a great deal of time fixing the damage, possibly more than they do actually fighting on some nights. Kekkaishi are not allowed to use the actual restoration technique outside of Karasumori, and are scolded by their elders for breaking this rule (such as Shigemori scolding Yoshimori).[2]

Types of Restoration

Shikigami Restoration


The Shikigami help with restoration.

Though they can accomplish many tasks, Shikigami are most often used by Kekkaishi to repair damage to various objects (including people, in some extreme cases[3]). For the most part, this consists merely of having multiple Shikigami perform manual labor that would take too long for the Kekkaishi to accomplish alone. Despite their often minuscule appearance, Shikigami work tirelessly to obey their creator's commands, and show signs of being sensitive to their creator's moods as well. If one Shikigami is injured on the job, primarily from accidentally dropping a piece of equipment or just falling down in general, the others have to help it.[4]

Full Restoration


Yoshimori fixing Lord Uro's bed.

Full restoration involves the Kekkaishi repairing by directly channeling their power into an object by hand. This is usually accompanied by a bright aura around the hands. While this method is more powerful and faster than Shikigami restoration, it also requires more power and skill to use.[5] However, Shigemori refers to this method as "a violent waste of power," and stresses that only a highly skilled Kekkaishi should use it, and only then if the Shikigami method is not enough.[6]


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