Shizue Yukimura (雪村静江, Yukimura Shizue) is the wife of the late Tokio Yukimura, daughter-in-law of Tokiko Yukimura, and the mother of Tokine Yukimura. According to Tokine, her mother is an expert cockroach-killer.[1]


Shizue has a red afro hairstyle and always has her eyes closed. She wears an orange apron with a red shirt and blue pants.


Shizue is a caring woman and mother. Like Shuji Sumimura, she behaves as if there is no ongoing feud between their families, and views them only as friendly neighbors. She seems to enjoy having visitors stay over, and welcomed the female members of the Night Troop into her home.[2] Shizue gets along well with Shu Akitsu, who has a similar warm nature and enjoys helping her with household chores.


Shizue is never implied to have supported the feud between the Yukimura and Sumimura families, likely either because of her kind nature, or because she married into the Yukimura family and, like her husband Tokio, did not share the overall negative outlook of the Sumimuras. Her positive attitude toward virtually everyone around her remained constant, despite the fact that twice a Sumimura Kekkaishi brought home a loved one of hers soaked in blood: first, Sumiko Sumimura's Shikigami brought back Tokio mortally wounded,[3] and then Yoshimori Sumimura carried Tokine home on his back after she was wounded saving him from the Ayakashi Yumigane. Shizue was even kind enough to inform Shuji of Tokine's condition afterward, knowing that Yoshimori would be frantic with worry for Tokine.[4]


Powers & Abilities

Precise Strength: Shizue has the curious ability to crush a cockroach with a slipper in just three seconds, using enough force to kill it without the guts spewing out.[1] This ability is made even stranger by that fact that both Tokine and Tokiko have an intense fear of cockroaches, and depend on Shizue to get rid of them.[5]


Shuji Sumimura

Main article: Shuji Sumimura

Shizue and Shuji get along very well, no doubt because they have much in common: both married into Kekkaishi families and became stay-at-home parents. Likewise, both value the well-being of their families over the centuries-old feud that would normally keep them apart. They keep each other informed of critical events, such as injury updates, and assist with household tasks like making dinner when one is unable to.


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