Shinyuuchi (神佑地, Sacred Land) are hidden, mystical realms that can be accessed from the real world, but only through special means. Each shinyuuchi is closely linked both to the Guardian Deity that protects it, and to the corresponding area in the real world that conceals its entrance. Shinyuuchi are classified and ranked by their size (Great (大宮), Average (中宮), and Small (小宮)), power (First (一宮), Second (二宮), and Third class (三宮)), and special characteristics (marked by an "S" for special).[1] S Rank areas tend to greatly impact the natural balance, not just for the real world, but for other shinyuuchi as well.


  • Classification: First Class Small Shrine, S Rank
  • Guardian Deity: Chushinmaru Karasumori
  • Unique Details: Chushinmaru's power constantly attracts Ayakashi, and he freely gives it to anyone or anything that amuses him.

Colorless Swamp

  • Guardian Deity: Lord Uro
  • Unique Details: Lord Uro's territory originally included Karasumori, which he turned over to Tokimori Hazama. In return, Hazama's students are responsible for the maintenance on Lord Uro's home.


  • Guardian Deity: Princess
  • Unique Details: Inhabited almost entirely by Ayakashi, Kokuboro was only accessible by Ayakashi or those with sufficient power.


  • Guardian Deities: Kokuunsai & Tobimaru
  • Unique Details: Aibasan's natural defenses prevent humans from reaching it. Only karasutengu can transport people to and from Kokuunsai's castle.

Unnamed Shrines


Mount Okubi

  • Classification: First Class Great Shrine, S Rank
  • Guardian Deity: Cyclops Deity
  • Unique Details: Mount Okubi is among the most important of the first class great shrines, and is the keystone of the Tohaki region.

Arashizaki Shrine


  • Classification: First Class Great Shrine, S Rank
  • Guardian Deity: Mahora
  • Unique Details: Both Hakuma and Mahora are said to be of the highest quality.


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