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Template:Kekkaishi Wiki:CharBox (Sumimura Family) Shiguma (シグマ) is Yoshimori's landlord who can transform into several creatures.[1]


Shiguma changes his shape frequently, but his body is always covered in black and white stripes with red eyes. This is because Shimano, the Sumimura Family's tiger-striped nekomata, was the inspiration for his design.[2]

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Shiguma tends to have a blunt, straightforward way of speaking. This may be because, according to him, Yoshimori's musou state removes the impurities from his power. Therefore, it is not a power boost, but simply a much purer and focused version, or the original state of Yoshimori's power.[3]


Shaping A Landlord

In his training with Shimano in the family's well, Yoshimori finally masters the first two steps of the musou state: achieving the state and maintaining the state. Shimano introduces the final step: calling forth the landlord, a type of clone that a user summons to regulate the amount of power used while in the musou state. They are necessary because while in the state, senses are sharpened to an extremely high level, so if a user were to be attacked, the damage would be equally high. Shimano warns that once a landlord is given shape, its form cannot be altered by the summoner, so careful though must go into the design.[4]

Yoshimori's initial ideas for the landlord's design are predictably odd: a being that is essentially a living cake, an ayakashi beast stronger than Madarao, and a fire-breathing dragon, all of which are far taller than himself. Yoshimori asks Sen Kagemiya for his opinion on which is the best. Under strict instructions not to upset Yoshimori, Sen chooses the one he assumes Yoshimori would like most: the cake-man. Shimano rejects all three, reminding Yoshimori that they don't need to be large, since he will be the one doing the fighting.[5]

As Yoshimori gets to a point where he is beginning to truly visualize his landlord through using the musou state, Shimano warns against doing it for too long until he has mastered the final step. He explains that using musou too much can distance a person from their heart to the point where they can't return, which a landlord helps prevent. Yoshimori stares at Shimano to get a basic idea for a design, and manages to immediately call forth his landlord's featureless shadow, much to Shimano's shock.[6]

Powers & Abilities

Transformation: Shiguma assumes various shapes while active.

Power Regulation: As a landlord, Shiguma's main task is to regulate Yoshimori's power while he is in the Musou state, using only what is necessary and greatly decreasing the chances that Yoshimori will be wounded by an enemy. Shiguma also maintains the connection to Yoshimori's heart, as there is a risk it can be lost while manipulating so much power.


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