Ryo Shishio (志々尾涼, Shishio Ryōu) is the older sister of Gen Shishio and the only daughter of the Shishio Family.


Ryo is taller than Gen and has black hair, which she grew longer after Gen left home.[1]


Ryo was very protective of Gen, and did all she could to help him fit in, even though his powers scared and worried her. She was the ideal sister, and each time Gen got into a fight, she'd help him apologize. Ryo was usually very sweet, kind, and caring; almost never being angry at anyone.[2]


A few years before the start of the storyline, Ryo was the closest to her youngest brother, Gen. However, when Gen overheard Ryo and their father discussing sending him to the Shadow Organization, his feelings of betrayal triggered his full Ayakashi transformation, and he ran away. Ryo chased him and begged Gen to come home, but in his rage he attacked her, leaving her seriously wounded.[2] Masamori's Shikigami treated her and managed to save her life, but the scars from Gen's attack remained.[3]


Family Farewell


Ryo and her father at Gen's funeral

Ryo is next seen at Gen's funeral. The moment she sees Masamori, she demands that he leave. She blames him for Gen's death, and only becomes more upset when Masamori returns all the letters she had written to Gen, admitting that he thought it was too soon and kept them from Gen. Ryo is heartbroken over the realization that Gen never knew she forgave him for attacking her and wanted to apologize to him. However, Yoshimori explains that Gen wanted to apologize to her, and Ryo is startled to realize that Gen was able to make a friend.[1]


  • Ryo has the odd ability to rapidly climb trees by slithering the way a lizard would, which may or may not be related to her family's Ayakashi heritage.[2]
  • Ryo's name (涼) means cool.


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