Risa Kagami
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Heisuke Matsudo's assistant
Previous Partner Heisuke Matsudo
Personal Status
Relatives Shiranuma (husband, deceased)
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 50, Birthplace
Anime Episode 22, Emissary from the Shadow Organization
Japanese Youko Honna
English Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Risa Kagami (加賀見リサ, Kagami Risa), sometimes romanized as Lisa Kagami, is the late wife of Shiranuma (now known as Byaku). Worried that her husband would lose interest in her if she only had beauty to offer, which would eventually fade, she became obsessed with becoming eternally beautiful, and took her own life after becoming disfigured. The demon Kagami assumes Risa's surname and form as part of a contract with Heisuke Matsudo.[1]


Risa was described as being very beautiful. She had long, curly black hair and wore the finest attire; she also had big, black eyes. Because of her selfish wants, she got the most elegant treatments when it came to jewelry, clothing, and decor. Her ultimate fear was growing old and becoming ugly, so she became very depressed when she was left accidentally disfigured, and took her own life.[1]


Risa was very elegant, charming, and devoted to her husband. She showered everyone she was close to with kindness. Despite being beautiful, Risa became bothered by the idea that she had nothing else to offer her husband. She gradually became obsessed with staying beautiful eternally for his sake.[1]


According to Byaku, Risa had the face of angel, but deep down she was a master manipulator, and he gave in to her every whim. She was the assistant to Heisuke Matsudo, and sought help from him about her worries of her husband

Risa, after stabbing herself in the heart.

losing interest in her because she wouldn't be eternally beautiful.[1] Thus, Heisuke fell in love with her, obsessively. Her requests for the finest attire and jewelery didn't cease when she married Shiranuma. Shiranuma started experiments on her to keep her beautiful and make her immortal, and no matter what happened she always encouraged him. Until one night, one of his experiments failed and left her horribly disfigured. Shiranuma put a knife in her hand, left the room, and she stabbed herself in the heart. As she requested, he burned down their home and dug two graves, one for her and one for him. He buried her but left his empty.[1]

Sometime later, Heisuke dug up both graves. Seeing that Shiranuma's was empty, he assumed that he had taken Risa with him and ran off. But when he dug up Risa's, he saw her corpse and was stricken with grief. He took her body to his lab and did everything possibly to revive her, knowing full well that it was pointless to do to begin with. He gave up his efforts and summoned an ayakashi to whom he made a contract with, thus creating Kagami, who took her form and appearance. When Heisuke and Shiranuma (now Byaku) had their final battle, Heisuke asked him if he ever loved Risa. Byaku stated that he has never loved anyone in his life.[1]


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