Rakii Yoshida
Prisoner guy
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Prisoner
Base of Operations 2nd Island (Prison), Guillotine Island
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 213

Rakii Yoshida (ラッキー吉田, Lucky Yoshida) is an older prisoner held in Guillotine Island's prison on the Second Island. Kiyoderu Yuugami implies that Rakii may be wrongly imprisoned, but also that he has made no solid attempt to escape, despite having prepared a weapons stash and an escape tunnel.[1]


He is a short, older man that wears glasses.[2]


Rakii appears to be comfortable with his living situation (Kiyoderu implies that he could stay there for 40 years), though he has an escape plan if he ever grows weary of it. He becomes greatly annoyed when Kiyoderu bursts into his cell and makes use of his provisions, but is paid well in exchange.[1]


In the process of escaping capture by Saigo Enjouji, Kiyoderu Yuugami and Tokine Yukimura enter the prison on Guillotine Island's second island. They barge into the cell of Rakii Yoshida, and older prisoner who is in no hurry to escape. Kiyoderu ignores Rakii's protests while raiding his secret stash, and throws money in Rakii's face before he and Tokine use Rakii's secret tunnel to escape from his cell, only moments before Saigo arrives.[3]


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