Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi (Lightning Bear)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Night Troop
Occupation Combat Unit
Partner Atora Hanashima
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Lightning Discharge
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 77
Anime Episode 32
Japanese Yasuhiro Takato
English N/A

Raizo (雷蔵, Raizō) is the first of Atora Hanashima's trained demons to appear in the series, and the one she seems closest to.[1]


Raizo is a large, bear-like demon with white fur and purple eyes. He has black, lightning bolt-shaped markings on his head and both of his front legs. Like all of Atora's beasts (and Atora herself), he wears a tiger-striped scarf so allies do not mistake him for a wild Ayakashi.[1]


Raizo is very simpleminded: he loves to play, but when he is angry, he charges directly at his enemies. Gen Shishio was his favorite playmate, though Raizo's idea of playing was body-slamming and shocking Gen repeatedly.[1]


Atora visits Gen at Karasumori to test his teamwork with Yoshimori and Tokine. The night of the test, Atora appears riding on a large bear-like Ayakashi that she introduces as her partner Raizo. Raizo locks eyes with Gen and instantly pounces on him. Atora explains that since Gen doesn't open up to other people, Raizo is his best friend within the Shadow Organization. She adds that whenever Raizo feels threatened, he automatically discharges electricity (which he then does to Gen, much to the Kekkaishi's shock). Gen gets up right away, clearly used to Raizo's behavior. Gen asks if Atora will leave once the training is done. Atora hops on Raizo, who leaps to the top of the school. She reveals her test: the Kekkaishi and Gen have one hour to capture her without hurting her.[2]

Powers & Abilities


Raizo's Lightning Charge

Lightning Discharge: Raizo can release lightning from his entire body, and sometimes does so without meaning to.[1]
  • Thundercloud Clones: Alternatively, Raizo can spit up clones of himself in the shape of small thunderclouds. The clouds can also release lightning, but if Raizo's original body is defeated, they will disappear.[1]
  • Lightning Charge: When angry, Raizo charges directly at his opponent while releasing lightning from his body.[1]


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