Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Butler
Previous Occupation Professional/Stunt Driver (implied)
Partner Yumeko Hananokoji
Base of Operations Yumeko's Mansion
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Expert Driver
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 27
Anime Episode 7, The Best Cake in the World
Japanese Yuzuru Fujimoto
English Kirk Thornton

Ogata (緒方) is the butler of Yumeko Hananokoji. He is also her driver, and assists her in other capacities as needed.[1] Very little is revealed about him in his brief manga appearances.


Ogata is an older man that wears glasses.[1]


He has a gentlemanly persona and is extremely loyal to Yumeko.[1]


He is implied to have a great deal of driving experience in some former dangerous occupation.[1]


Ogata assists Yumeko by researching the background of the Tsukijigaoka family and tracking down Toshihiko Tsukijigaoka, the younger brother of the late Masahiko Tsukijigaoka. He later helps her, Yoshimori, and Masahiko bake a cake for Toshihiko. However, because they only produce the best cake at the last minute, and Ogata has to rush them to the meeting place, the cake is damaged during the ride. After Masahiko successfully apologizes to his brother and passes on, Ogata helps Yumeko and Yoshimori eat the failed cakes, all of which taste horrible.[1]


  • In the manga, Yumeko only refers to her driver as "Hoshikawa."[2] In addition, there is a caption in the anime that also refers to him as Hoshikawa, even though Yumeko calls him "Ogata" throughout.[1] The meaning behind this is never explained, but Hoshikawa may either be Ogata's given name, or a name that he no longer uses for various reasons.


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