Number 2
Birdy guy
Race Human (Ayakashi Majiri)
Age Likely between 12-19 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Shinyuuchi Hunters
The Commander
Previous Occupation Bodyguard
Previous Partner No. 0, No. 1, No. 3
Personal Status
Technique Flight
Fire Manipulation
Ayakashi Transformation: Phoenix
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 257: Prodigy

Number Two (弐号, Nigō) is one of the Commander's Puppet Soldiers, as well as an Ayakashi Majiri.[1] Along with No. 1, he protects Michiru and Kakeru while they are casting spells.[2]


Two has dark hair; he also wears a red jacket and black pants. Each of his arms is covered by a large, feathered wing.


Two has a short temper and a tendency towards violence. He considers One his superior and does not like to look weak in front of him.


Powers & Abilities

Flight: Two's wings enable him to fly, and he spends much of his combat time in the air. His skill and speed was great enough that he was able to avoid Yoshimori and Tokine's kekkai, all while carrying Sen.

Fire Manipulation: Two is capable of producing and hurling large amounts of black fire at his enemies in rapid progression. He can use the flames to form defensive barriers, as well as toss feathers that ignite on impact. His black flames are so powerful that they could even destroy and defend against Kekkai.

Regeneration: Two regenerates from most damage fairly quickly, including lost limbs.[3]

Ayakashi Transformation: Phoenix: Two is an Ayakashi Majiri and can transform his body at will. When fully transformed, he takes on the appearance of a giant bird. His claims his speed, in this form, is at a higher level than even Souji who was praised for his speed.


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