Race Ghost (formerly Cat)
Age (Deceased/Passed On)
Professional Status
Previous Partner Mr. Kurosu
Base of Operations Karasumori Academy (former)
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 056: Curtain Call
Anime Episode 27, Council of Twelve

Noir (ノワール) was a stray black cat that frequently appeared around Karasumori Academy, and was named by Mr. Kurosu. Noir died in a car accident near the school, but returned as a ghost to pay a final visit to Mr. Kurosu.[1]


Noir was a black cat with yellow eyes.[1]


Noir was considered a bad, unfriendly cat by many. It would often hang around a grassy area in the Karasumori Academy where Mr. Kurosu would go to read. Mr Kurosu would always compliment the cat, as he told Yoshimori, "cats love compliments". Noir grew close to Mr. Kurosu, slowly sitting closer and closer to him till one day he jumped on Mr. Kurosu's shoulders.[1]



Noir's ghost with Mr. Kurosu

One day in class, Yoshimori sees the ghost of a black cat on Mr. Kurosu's shoulders. After some prodding, Mr. Kurosu reveals he knows of a black cat that hangs around a grassy spot in the school, but he hasn't been down there lately as he has been too busy. Mr. Kurosu later asks Ms. Aoki if she knows if the black cat is still around, to which she replies that the black cat was killed by a car during a rainy day. Mr. Kurosu, saddened by the death of Noir, goes to their usual spot on the grassy patch, and discovers a dead bird left amongst some flowers. He asks if the bird is Noir's parting gift, as a thank you for all the compliments he gave. Upon seeing that Mr. Kurosu has found his gift, Noir's spirit passes on to the afterlife, content that he was able to thank his human friend.[1]


  • Mr. Kurosu revealed that he named the cat "Noir" (pronounced Nuwaru in Japanese) because it's French for black.[1] It is a reference to the black coat of the cat.


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