Nizou Ougi (扇二増, Ougi Nizou) is the former Ougi Clan Head, the father of the seven Ougi brothers, and is also confined to a wheelchair. He accepted a contract from the Sousui that made several members of the Council of Twelve assassination targets, to be carried out by Shichirou Ougi, the clan heir.[1]



Nizou was apparently very different in his youth: his friendship with Tatsuki implies that he had a love for causing destruction, though Lady Mayuka recalls him as being kind. Little of either is evident in his old age: he seems firm and cold, especially with Shichirou, who he has very high expectations of.


Nizou used to associate with Tatsuki in their younger days, and the two were fond of causing destruction, calling themselves Fujin (風神, God of Wind) and Raijin (雷神, God of Thunder and Lightning).[2] As his clan's Legitimate Successor, Nizou also had a connection with Lady Mayuka.


The Sousui's Contract

Shichirou Ougi is scolded by his father Nizou for his mistakes in handling the assassination of the Shinyuuchi Hunters. Particularly, Nizou assumes the Sousui is upset because one of the Hunters (Ichigou) managed to escape, and the Sousui's property (Souji) was damaged. Shichirou apologizes, and Nizou blames the mishandling on Shichirou's pride. Nizou questions why Shichirou volunteered for the Karasumori mission, since it has long been known as a risky target. Shichirou replies that he was curious about the way the land chose its protectors, but that the chosen seem to be normal people otherwise. He assumes that being chosen by such of power is just an accident. Nizou calls Shichirou incompetent and tells him to reflect on his actions.[3]

Arashizaki Aftermath

Powers & Abilities

Wind Manipulation:


  • In Nizou's name, the first character (二) means two. The second character (増) means increase.


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