Mother and Spirit Baby
Race Human and Spirit
Gender Female and Male
Professional Status
Night Troop
Occupation Combat Unit
Trainee Supervisor
Partner Each Other
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Giant Form
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 73
Anime Episode 42
Japanese Emi Fukazawa
English Tara Platt

Very little is known about this mother and her baby boy, aside from them having been members of the Night Troop since before Gen Shishio joined[1], as they have made very few appearances and have never been named.



Mother sweeping the Yukimura yard

Mother is a woman with long, grayish hair. Outside of battle, Spirit Baby resembles any other baby in swaddling clothes, and is only seen either in Mother's arms, or tied to her back.


Mother is typically seen worrying over the children in her care (she also seems to be responsible for looking after younger Night Troop members such as Akira[2]). Spirit Baby, as with many babies, only seems to listen to her half of the time.


Defending Karasumori

Masamori brings the Night Troop to Karasumori to defend against Kokuboro, and the adult female members (with the exception of Atora Hanashima) and some children stay with the Yukimura Family, including Mother and Spirit Baby.[3] They help defend Karasumori during Kokuboro's second mass invasion.[4]

The Box Plot

Both Misao and Akira are kidnapped by the Elder Kakushino twin, who is hired by Ichirou Ougi. Mother is the first one to notice and report Akira's absence.[2]

Power & Abilities


Mother and Spirit Baby in combat

Giant Form: Though usually a normal-sized baby, in combat Spirit Baby enlarges to enormous size, and is easily able to crush (or eat, though he should not) Ayakashi. He is assumed to be a spirit because his body appears to be transparent and has an unusual glow around it (in the manga). His lower half, instead of having legs, ends in a spirit-like tail that connects back to his swaddling clothes, which Mother carries at all times.[4] This may imply that, as with Madarao and Hakubi, his actual body is kept away from combat and remains with her for safekeeping.


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