If you understand this, there is no place inaccessible to you in the spirit world. This isn't just going through walls; This is complete freedom.

–Mikeno, Chapter 327 page 3

Mikeno (三毛野) is a nekomata who serves the Yukimura Family and is Shimano's counterpart. She guards the "Surge Room," (波動部屋) where she oversees the further training of the Yukimura Legitimate Successors.[1]


Mikeno is a female calico cat. The upper left portion of her face is black, while the upper right portion is most likely orange. A large portion of her back and her right front foreleg are also black. Her tail (which is totally white save for black sections at the tip and middle) is long enough that it can easily wind around her body at least four times. She wears a sealing collar with a single charm on it.[1] She also has cartoonishly prominent eyelashes to denote femininity, as opposed to Shimano.


Mikeno is very formal, generally referring to Legitimate Successors by their titles, rather than their names (Tokiko is "21st," Tokine is "22nd").[1]


Mikeno first appears before Tokiko to make arrangements to take over Tokine's training. Tokiko thinks it is too soon, but Mikeno wants to start early even though there is no rush, and reminds Tokiko that the Sumimuras have already begun making preparations (Yoshimori is already training under Shimano).[1]

In preparation for Tokine's confrontation with Mahora, the local god of Hakuma, Mikeno teaches her a high level technique known as Utsusemi, which allows the user to assimilate another's power and nullify any future attacks of the same type.[2]


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