Masano Murakami
Masano Murakami
Race Ghost (formerly Human)
Age 48 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Accountant
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed wife and daughter
Technique Scissor Claw
Rapid Regeneration
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 5, The Sweet Ghost
Japanese Hirohiko Kakegawa
English Steve Kramer

Masano Murakami (村上政野, Murakami Masano) is a former accountant. Because he died believing that nothing good had ever happened to him, he lingered on as a malevolent ghost within Karasumori Academy until Yoshimori forces him to move on.[1]


He is a balding man with black hair only on the sides of his head, and wears glasses. He wears a business suit comprised of a white shirt, black pants and tie.[1]


Though he at first appears to be overly aggressive, Masano is an extremely depressed man suffering from a largely dull and unfortunate life.[1]


Masano worked for a major company for 25 years until he was abruptly fired. He was so devastated by this that he wandered into traffic and was killed by a car. Returning as an ill-tempered ghost, Masano gradually began to transform into a Ayakashi, until he encountered the Kekkaishi.[1]


Masano Murakami wandering

Masano Murakami wandering

Sensing a disturbance at Karasumori Academy, Tokine and Yoshimori (along with Hakubi and Madarao) rush to the school, only to to be greeted by Masahiko Tsukijigaoka, the patissier ghost, again. Yoshimori is annoyed that Masahiko ignored their warning to stay away, but relieved that he hasn't become the evil ghost that they sensed. Hakubi senses that the real threat is within the school, and Yoshimori lets Masahiko come with him, worried that an Ayakashi might eat him.[1]

Tokine and Hakubi find Masano in a classroom, with Yoshimori, Madarao, and Masahiko entering soon after. Masano tells them his depressing story, and then plans to attack them to test the sharpness of his claw, but Yoshimori destroys the claw with a Kekkai, and destroys several other pieces of Masano's body before he can regenerate. Tokine warns Yoshimori that he should just destroy Masano, since there is no hope of saving him, but Yoshimori doesn't listen.[1]

Yoshimori leads Masano outside, and asks him if there was nothing good about his life. Masano finally realizes that memories of his daughter make him happy, and Yoshimori tells him to visit Yumeko Hananokoji, who can help him find his daughter. Yoshimori then frightens Masano off with a final threat to destroy him if he ever returns.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Scissor Claw: Masano's right arm had transformed into a large scissor claw.[1]
Rapid Regeneration: Most likely due to his close proximity to Karasumori, Masano was able to start regenerate a lost limb within seconds. However, this only applied to his right hand, where his power was concentrated, and he was either unable or unwilling to restore any other lost part of his body.[1]
Evil Aura: Masano had developed an aura that could overwhelm Masahiko, who, according to Tokine, had a very strong aura himself.[1]


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