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Race Sym-gods God
Age N/A
Gender ?
Professional Status
Affiliation Arashizaki Shrine
Previous Affiliation Hakuma
Occupation Local God of Arashizaki Shrine
Previous Occupation Local God of Hakuma
Partner The Gazer
Base of Operations Arashizaki Shrine
Technique Tree Manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 339
Anime N/A
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Mahora (まほら様, Mahora-sama) is the land lord of Hakuma. Because Hakuma's trees are connected to Mahora's power directly, their condition is used to gauge Mahora's mood.[1]



Mahora's face

Mahora first appears to be a type of cocoon, mostly concealed in bindings that allow for spidery legs and sharp protrusions to slip through. However, Mahora does have a human face within the cocoon, one that the Gazer copies for its own form.


Mahora has apparently been sleeping for hundreds of years, but is still considered to be a land lord of the highest quality.[2]


Mahora emerges at the Gazer's request, and quickly agrees to be relocated to Arashizaki Shrine, with Tokiko Yukimura and Shigemori Sumimura acting as escorts.

Powers & Abilities

Tree Manipulation: Hakuma's trees are closely linked to Mahora's power, and their growth and strength greatly increases as Mahora awakens, to the point where trees were capable of bursting through buildings.
Flight: Mahora appears to move by always flying or hovering a few feet above the ground.


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