Lord Tan'yuu
Race Sym-gods True-God
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Unnamed Shrines
Occupation Local God of Unnamed Shrines
Partner Servants of Tan'yuu
Base of Operations Unnamed Shrines
Technique Illusions
Body Possession
Dimension Manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 155

Lord Tan'yuu (淡幽, Tan'yū) is the local god of an unnamed Shinyuuchi. After Mudou began hunting down he and his servants, Lord Tan'yuu became desperate to escape, and was even willing to take over Yoshimori's body to accomplish this. However, Yoshimori is still willing to defend him when Mudou captures him.


Lord Tan'yuu has the body of a a young male with long strands of light hair, and has a unique circle mark on his forehead.


Lord Tan'yuu can be both childish and depressing. He practically has tantrums each time Yoshimori resists him, and has very little faith in his own power and ability to survive.


Masamori gains access to Lord Tan'yuu's realm through a mirror, though only after promising to capture Mudou, who has been killing its occupants and thereby weakening the realm and Tan'yuu himself. Once Masamori is inside, Tan'yuu is able to use his appearance as an illusion to fool Yoshimori (who is supposed to remain on guard outside) and drag him into the realm. He tries to take Yoshimori's body to use as a vessel to escape his realm, but Yoshimori easily resists him with zekkai armor.[1]

Tan'yuu is later taken hostage by Mudou and has his life force stolen. With the last of his power, Tan'yuu decides to recreate his realm, uncertain if it will again choose him as its master, but resigned to his fate, since it will have the more beneficial result of destroying anyone left inside (namely Mudou). Masamori entrusts Yoshimori's safety to Tan'yuu and stays behind to distract Mudou. Yoshimori escapes, and after a confrontation with Mudou and nearly having the realm collapse on him, so does Masamori. After he recovers, Masamori helps to stabilize the realm, Tan'yuu's power is restored, and he is welcomed home by his servants.

Powers & Abilities

Illusions: Tan'yuu is able to create illusions, which he uses to avoid direct confrontation.
Body Possession: Though he reportedly has the ability to possess a human body, Tan'yuu is never seen using it: he is likely too weak to do so by force, as he attempts to trick Yoshimori into giving up his own body freely.
Dimensional Control: Tan'yuu can exercise some control over his dimension. He can prevent some outsiders from entering the dimension,[2] create exits within the dimension, and has the ability to erase and recreate the dimension, destroying virtually everything inside it in the process.[3]


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