Race Human
Age 14
Gender Female
Professional Status
Karasumori Middle School
Occupation Middle school student
Partner Ayano
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique None
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 15
Anime Episode 6, Night Blooms of Karasumori
Japanese Saori Seto
English Stephanie Sheh
Mona Marshall (Episode 6)

Kyoko (キョーコ, Kyōko) is a student at Karasumori Middle School. She is friends with Yurina Kanda and Ayano.


Kyoko is tall, slim, and has black hair.


Kyoko is somewhat opinionated and tends to be more courageous than her friends, though she is still supportive of them.


Midnight Sakura Blossoms

Kyoko is first seen pulling Yurina out of the way of a car, narrowly saving her life after she was distracted by the Schoolgirl Ghost (possibly on purpose). Later, she suggests returning to the school after hours to Yurina and Ayano, so that they can view the off-season cherry blossoms without interruptions. Ayano immediately agrees, but Yurina is hesitant (as is typical of them both). However, when Kyoko and Ayano show up, all they find is Yoshimori's Kekkai blocking the front gate (which he did to keep them from encountering ayakashi), so they give up and go home.[1]

Operation Kyoko the Cupid

Kyoko confronts Gen Shishio in an attempt to tell him about Aoi Shinagawa's crush on him, but Gen quickly loses interest and walks away.[2]


  • Despite the fact that Kyoko has lived overseas in the past, according to Yurina, she is generally bad with foreign languages.[2]
  • Kyoko sits two seats in front of Yurina in Kurosu's class, and next to Ayano.[1]
  • Kyoko's name (キョーコ) means strong.


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