Kyoichi Hiba
Race Human (Ayakashi Majiri)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Night Troop
Previous Partner Gen Shishio
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Night Troop Karasumori Branch
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Ayakashi Transformation (Plant)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 68
Anime Episode 21
Japanese Go Inoue
English Sam Riegal

Kyoichi Hiba (翡葉京一, Hiba Kyōichi) is an Ayakashi Majiri and a member of the Night Troop. Because he wields a poison that has the ability to prevent Gen Shishio's full transformation,[1] he is sent to Karasumori with Gen to keep an eye on him.[2]


Hiba is tall, has silver hair and green eyes. He typically wears a large, green overcoat.[2]


Hiba's attitude generally seems to range between serious and sadistic. He has admitted to hating Gen, considers him a monster, and takes pleasure in tormenting him, both physically and emotionally. Despite this, even he is bothered by the brutal way in which Gen is killed.[3]



Wounded Hiba calls for backup

Hiba, along with Masamori Sumimura, were called in to capture 10 year-old Gen when he fully transformed into an Ayakashi and ran away from home. Gen seriously injured Hiba, but Masamori was eventually able to capture him. Since then, Hiba has always viewed Gen as a monster.


Gen's Handler

Hiba and Gen are dispatched to Karasumori in response to Kokuboro's increasing interference. While Gen's mission is to directly assist the Kekkaishi, Hiba's main task is to keep an eye on Gen.[2] He only meets with Gen occasionally, always reminding him not to lose control of himself, and of the possible punishments should he ever do so.[4] Hiba is only forced to become involved when Gen,

Hiba stops Gen's transformation

repeatedly injured and humiliated by Kaguro, begins to transform out of rage. Hiba interferes, injecting Gen with large doses of poison, and forcing him to revert to his human state. Hiba informs the Kekkaishi that because Gen broke the rules and transformed, he will be removed from his duties at Karasumori. Gen agrees to follow Hiba's orders and prepares to leave without complaint.[1]

Powers & Abilities


Ayakashi Transformation (Plant): Hiba can cause parts of his body (most often his arms) to transform into plant-like tentacles. Each tentacle is at least strong enough to easily lift a young child. Hiba can also produce throwing knives that contain a powerful poison, which he can use to forcibly revert Gen to human form.[1]


Gen Shishio

Main article: Gen Shishio

Hiba first encountered Gen in his fully transformed state, on a mission to capture him. Gen seriously wounded him, and from that moment on, Gen was a monster first and foremost in Hiba's eyes. This attitude was evident in their working relationship: Hiba constantly reminded Gen about the consequences of losing control, though he actually seemed to enjoy it when Gen did so, since it gave Hiba a valid excuse to punish Gen. In the wake of Gen's violent and tragic death, Hiba genuinely seemed to regret the loss. But even then, Hiba still felt so much loathing toward Gen that his attempt to praise Atora Hanashima's progress with Gen still comes off sounding like disgust.


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