Kurogane (黒鉄) was a wandering exorcist and the master of Takeshi Kongo. He saved Takeshi from the evil spirit Jaren, inspiring him to become an exorcist. Only three days after they began training together, Jaren consumed Kurogane.[1]




Ten years ago, Jaren was kept sealed in the basement of a church by the exorcist Sagami. As part of the ritual to maintain the seal, the stakes imprisoning him had to be exchanged occasionally. As one of Sagami's colleagues, Kurogane took over this responsibility when Sagami grew too old. Jaren managed to twist Kurogane's beliefs, making him doubt Sagami's faith in him. Though Kurogane resisted at first, Jaren eventually tricks Kurogane into freeing him, by suggesting that Kurogane desires Sagami's death as much as he does. Before Kurogane realizes what has happened, Jaren consumes Sagami and gleefully informs Kurogane that he has granted both of their wishes. From this point, Kurogane pursues Jaren as a way of making up for his costly mistake.[2]

Five years later, Kurogane saved young Takeshi Kongo from being eaten by Jaren. Greatly impressed by Kurogane, Takeshi was determined to become his disciple. Kurogane was not interested, but since Takeshi refused to go home until Kurogane accepted him, Kurogane agreed and sent Takeshi home with one of his stakes. Takeshi trained for the next three years, and reported his progress to Kurogane when they happened to meet again. Kurogane was surprised that Takeshi remembered him, and was certain he was not the man Takeshi thought he was, but still agreed to begin teaching him. Only three days later, Kurogane fought Jaren and was consumed by him.[3]

Power & Abilities

Exorcism: As an exorcist, Kurogane fought by channeling his spiritual power through giant stakes. With these he could damage spirits directly, generate barriers between stakes, and form contracts with stronger spirits.


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