Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Age 400+
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Tokimori Hazama
Occupation Chushinmaru's Playmate
Team Tokimori Hazama's Ayakashi
Personal Status
Technique Nine Transport Doors
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 292, The New Karasumori Castle
Anime N/A

Kumon (九門) is a demon that willingly accompanies Tokimori Hazama. He has been in Tokimori's service since before Chushinmaru's birth.[1] His powers have now been sealed by Sumiko Sumimura at Tokimori's request.[2]


In his natural form, Kumon has a large, light mane, an overly tall (easily towering over a human of average height), slender body, and a flame-like tail. Madarao insultingly calls him a monkey, which he does more closely resemble in his sealed state.[2]


Kumon is aggressive, impatient, and easily annoyed. He and Madarao appear to have disliked each other for centuries, possibly because Kumon addresses Tokimori by his given name without any honorifics, while Madarao always uses the far more respectful "Tokimori-sama."[2]


Kumon first appears among the many Ayakashi that Tokimori Hazama kept as companions when he was a Kekkaishi.


Powers & Abilities


Kumon prepares to transport a tree on Hazama's command


Nine Transport Doors: Kumon can transport objects (himself included) instantly to another location, through any of nine mysterious doors that he creates. He can also use them to trap a person between doorways, leaving them stranded in an empty dimension where time passes more slowly.[2] Normally, only Kumon can open or close the doors, but with enough power, they can be forced open. Kumon is especially suited for long range combat: at the time of their meeting, the farthest distance he could place a door from himself was greater than the distance that Yoshimori was able to sense an incoming attack within, meaning that Kumon could attack without Yoshimori detecting his location.[3]


Kumon has not used his powers since he was sealed, so his current abilities are unknown.


Tokimori Hazama

Main article: Tokimori Hazama

Kumon has been with Tokimori Hazama for centuries, and as a result tends to address him informally as he would an equal, rather than a master. While Hazama does not seem to mind, he is clearly the more intelligent of the two, and though Kumon does not always like to accept Hazama's advice, he still obeys any order given by him.


  • Kumon's name means "nine gates," and his ability is based around a central entry door that always appears before him, and eight other exit doors that he places elsewhere.


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