Among Gagin's subordinates, this trio is especially loyal to him.[1] Though they are not very strong, they repeatedly manage to survive dangerous situations.



The trio was quite familiar with Gagin's short temper and love for battle, and had no trouble staying on his good side.[1]


The trio offers to help Gagin fight, but he instead tells them to clear out the weak Ayakashi that are getting in his way. The trio points out that they don't listen to him, so there's no chance of anyone else convincing them. In response, Gagin loses his temper and flares his flames, incinerating the weak Ayakashi. The trio stay out of harm's way, warning the others that they'll be burned if they don't obey Gagin and retreat.[1] After Gagin's defeat, the trio are the ones to retrieve him during Kokuboro's retreat[2] (in the anime, Gagin is destroyed and the trio retreats with Kokuboro's army after Princess's attempt to conquer Karasumori personally fails[3]).

After invading Kokuboro's castle, Tokine runs into the trio while they are escaping. She captures them within individual Kekkai and threatens to destroy them if they don't reveal what they know about Yoshimori being held hostage. The trio tell her everything, including how to reach the dungeon where Sen was being held, and Tokine releases them, allowing them to continue escaping.[4]


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