An ill-mannered Ayakashi maiden that Tokine encounters while invading Kokuboro's castle. She only appears in the anime.[1]


The maiden has green skin with two horns on her forehead, long black hair held up in the back. She wears a pink kimono with blue flowers.[1]


She has a very selfish personality.[1] The maiden mistakes Tokine for an ayakashi (which, while insulting to Tokine, was possibly an honest mistake: the Kokuboro ayakashi who did have human forms typically stayed in them outside of serious combat), but then also says that Tokine is ugly and will never be as pretty as herself, revealing her own vanity in the process.


While sneaking into Kokuboro's castle, Tokine encounters an Ayakashi maiden. The maiden mistakes Tokine for an Ayakashi trying to pass as human, but thinks Tokine's face is ugly, and tells Tokine there's no point in trying if she can't be as beautiful as herself. Tokine is incredibly insulted and slams the maiden's head into a stone wall with a Kekkai.[1] The maiden's fate is unknown after that, but it is assumed that she died along with everyone in Kokuboro as it collapsed.


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