Kimiya Hachioji
Race Human
Age 17
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Chuou Higashi High School
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 057: Prince of Central East High
Anime Episode 25, Tokine and the Prince
Japanese Daisuke Hirakawa
English Sam Riegel

Kimiya Hachioji (八王子君也, Hachiōji Kimiya) is a handsome, wildly popular boy in his second year at Chuou Higashi High School. He is a local idol, and is instantly recognizable to most girls at Karasumori Academy. The wily Ayakashi Nouotoko (Brain Man) uses Kimiya as bait to draw Tokine into a trap.[1]


Kimiya has short black hair with small, multiple bangs around his eyes. He's formal and wears a red suit with black tie and tan pants.


Under the control of Nouotoko, he is very smooth and seductive. It's unknown how he acts without being controlled.


Kimiya approaches Tokine at school one day, claiming to be in love with her and inviting her to accompany him. Tokine seems largely unaffected, but agrees.[1] She follows Kimiya[2] to an abandoned building, where it is revealed that Kimiya's body is being held hostage by Nouotoko, an ayakashi skilled at possession. Nouotoko threatens to kill Kimiya if Tokine does not surrender her own body to him. He explains that an Ayakashi group called Kokuboro is buying and selling information on Kekkaishi and Karasumori. He wants Tokine because he assumes that she is the weakest. Offended by his comments, Tokine attacks, showing almost no regard for the safety of Kimiya's body.[3] Nouotoko quickly surrenders to save himself, and Tokine forces him to reveal all he knows about Kokuboro. Afterward, Tokine destroys Nouotoko, freeing Kimiya. Although Kimiya should not have any memory of events during his possession, the moment he sees Tokine, he instinctively recalls the brutal beating and flees in terror.[4]


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