Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Night Troop
Occupation Head of Relief Unit
Partner Shiragiku
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Healing
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 73
Anime Episode 30
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Kikusui (菊水) is Head of the Night Troop's rarely-seen Relief Unit. He is always seen alongside his silent partner, Shiragiku. Kikusui oversees the healing of Souji Hiura after he is seriously injured defending Karasumori.[1]


Kikusui is a young boy with light hair, though it is changed to brown in the anime.[2]


He is a straightforward and honest person, and seems to speak his mind even when addressing Masamori.[3]


Healing Masamori


Kikusui and Shiragiku heal Masamori

Kikusui and Shiragiku heal Masamori after he is seriously wounded in a confrontation with Ichirou Ougi.[4]

Late Arrival

After Gen Shishio is mortally wounded by Kaguro, Kyoichi Hiba summons the Relief Unit to Karasumori in an attempt to save him. Though Mukade flies in Masamori, Kikusui, and Shiragiku, they arrive too late to save Gen.[5]

Healing Souji Hiura

Kikusui and Shiragiku are summoned to the Sumimura Home by Masamori to heal Souji after he is seriously wounded by Shichirou Ougi. After the session, Shiragiku reports that they were unable to fully heal him: Souji had lost a lot of blood and had a major head injury, but was expected wake up soon. He notes that though Shichirou's attack cut all the way through Souji's body to his back, his organs were untouched, as if Souji were somehow able to hold himself together. This causes Kikusui to wonder if Souji is an Ayakashi Majiri, a suspicion previously shared by other Night Troop members. Kikusui notices that Masamori looks tired and tells him to get some rest.[3]

Powers & Abilities

Healing: Kikusui clearly has some power that allows him to heal, though it is rarely seen (it appears to involve releasing energy directly through his hands) and never actually explained. Despite his youth, he also appears to possess considerable medical knowledge.[3] Judging by the rarity of his appearances, he is usually only summoned to treat extremely serious wounds.


  • In the name "Kikusui", "Kiku" (菊) means chrysanthemum, which is a type of flower. "Sui" (水) means water.


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