This page contains the Image Policy of the Kekkaishi Wiki. The aim is to ensure that the Images placed in the articles are properly licensed and are of good quality.


  • Images should be of good quality.
  • Anime Images should not have subtitles.
  • Manga images should not have text in the speech bubbles.
  • Images should not be very blurred or saturated.
  • Images are replaceable only by an image of higher quality.


  • Duplicate images shouldn't be uploaded.
  • Images should have proper Filenames.
  • Meaningless images shouldn't be uploaded.


  • Images should be licensed. Fair Use Rationale and Fair Use must be added to the images.


  • Images that haven't been added to any article or User Page will be deleted.
  • Inappropriate images will be deleted.


  • Images in articles should be placed according to the content.
  • Images should be placed in an alternate manner (right-left-right-left and so on..), except in some sections.
  • Articles shouldn't be filled with images. If there are too many images, try to add only those which are necessary.
  • Proper caption should be added to the images.

Image gallery

  • Anime Images should be added in the Anime section and Manga images should be added in the Manga section.
  • Same images shouldn't be added more than once.
  • Proper caption should be added to the images.
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