This page contains the Content Policy of the Kekkaishi Wiki. The aim is to ensure that the contents of the articles are accurate and appealing.


  • All the content should be related to the Kekkaishi manga and anime
  • The content should be accurate and unbiased
  • Personal opinions are not to be written
  • Contents should not be copied from other sites
  • The content should be informative. Rather than based on the mere interest of the editors, the content should be based on the real happenings of the manga and anime.
  • Contents shouldn't be unnecessary.


  • Correct infoboxes should be used for the articles.


  • Articles related to the characters, locations etc. must have at least one image (only some cases are exceptional)
  • Image galleries should me made for major and recurring characters


  • Proper references should be added
  • References should be accurate
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