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Kekkaishi is an completed manga series by Yellow Tanabe. It is serialized in Japan by Shogakukan in the manga magazine Shōnen Sunday, and licensed for an English release in North America by Viz Media. It was adapted as a fifty-two episode anime series by Sunrise, which was broadcast between October 2006 and February 2008. the anime is also licensed by viz media.The series is about Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, heirs to rival clans of kekkai (barrier magic) users, who must defend their school from the spirits drawn to the sacred land it is built upon. Kekkaishi received the 2007 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga. The english dub of the series started to run on Adult Swim on May 30th, 2010[1] and ended on May 28th, 2011 and Toonami First Launched on USA: February 26, 2011 and March 27, 2011 ended May 28, 2011.


Five hundred years ago, as legend goes, a feudal lord was attacked by demons wanting to retrieve his mysterious inner power to take over the human world. The famous mage, Tokimori Hazama, was called upon, and with his 2 students, managed to save the whole land. But they fell ill for three days, and upon returning to the manor, found everyone inside the house dead, including the lord. The lord's power was also buried with him at the site of the Karasumori manor.

In the present day, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, heirs of the clans of Hazama's assistants, became the kekkaishi protecting the land and the power. They use a technique called Kekkai, a form of magical barrier, used to capture and destroy Ayakashi (monsters/demons) that are drawn to this land. Any demons that come near the power will become stronger and therefore Yoshimori and Tokine are to guard the land from intrusion of the Ayakashi.

But some of the demons form a powerful organization to take over that mysterious power. Yoshimori plans to destroy not only the demons, but also to gain the power to completely save the world from being controlled by demons and seal the power of Karasumori. To do that, he first needs to know what the power actually is, and also strengthen his poor kekkai skills.

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Hazama-Ryu Kekkai technique

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The Sumimura and Yukimura families use the Hazama-Ryu Kekkai Technique (間流結界術 Hazama-Ryū Kekkai Jutsu) when they are faced with Ayakashi (demons). It is said by Shigemori Sumimura that this technique integrates utility and effectiveness of Kekkaishi abilities.