Kagen Shiromi (銀魅霞玄, Shiromi Kagen) is the former 6th Seat on the Council of Twelve, and is among the first to resign.


He is a tall man with short, dark hair.


He is a calm, straightforward person, and very little seems to surprise him.


Shiromi notes that he can't refuse his wife anything, which is why he took her last name when they married.[1]


Shiromi resigns his position on the Council of Twelve by sending his membership badge and resignation to temporary leader Meian. He is later seen attending a meeting of what remains of the most powerful combatants not under the Sousui's control, alongside Nura Kidoin, Tatsuki, Shichirou Ougi and Masamori Sumimura.[2] The meeting concludes with them formalizing a strategy to take action against the Sousui and to make preparations for the attack date. While leaving Masamori attempts to familiarize himself with the relationship between Shiromi and Tatsuki. Shiromi explains that they are alike, and that the he left the council, not because she left, but because his wife is close friends with Tatsuki.[3]

During the battle against the Sousui's forces, Shiromi rides atop the flying Ogre with Kidoin and notices her masterful control over the Ogres.[4] He notices the amount of damage being caused by Meian's two mind controlled Kurokabuto.[5] Shiromi decides to take on the giant Ayakashi and jumps down a great height from the flying ogre, utterly destroying one with relative ease.[6] As he goes to face off against the second Kurokabuto, he is almost taken control of by the Sousui's sea serpents, but is saved by the arrival of Shichirou, who uses his wind control to completely destroy the giant Ayakashi. Shiromi notes to himself that he wouldn't want to be on Shichirou's bad side.[7]

Powers & Abilities

Ayakashi Tranformation: Shiromi is a Ayakashi Majiri and can transform portions of his body, taking on animal characteristics thus boosting his speed, agility and strength. Similar to Gen Shishio, his feet sometimes take on animal characteristics, enabling him to make great leaps and survive long falls with little effort.[8]

Kurosame: Described as a curse-power ability, which manifests itself as a black threads which compose the blade, coming from the hilt of the sword. These black threads are incredibly strong and can cut through even the tough nigh-invulnerable exterior of the Kurokabuto Ayakashi. The threads can extend at will and entangle an opponent and slice through it with ease with precision through the use of bold strokes. He talks to the sword denoting that it maybe sentient.[9][10]


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