Island Boatman
Race Human
Age Likely 20-30
Gender Male
Professional Status
The Shadow Organization
Occupation Boatman
Partner Boat Ayakashi
Base of Operations Dock Near Guillotine Island
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 209

A boatman who provides ferry service to and from Guillotine Island.[1]


He is a tall, younger man with dark hair. He typically wears a towel with the Shadow Organization star around his neck.[1]


He has a calm, straightforward nature.


Miki Hatori meets the Island Boatman to arrange passage for her and the rest of the Tokine Transfer Team to Guillotine Island on his boat Ayakashi. However, he tells her that his boat can only carry four people other than himself. In addition, Yoshimori realizes they will need a space for Tokine on the return trip, so they are truly limited to only three passengers. Hakota and Shu Akitsu are chosen to remain behind, and the Island Boatman takes the remaining three to the island.[1] Upon arriving, however, he refuses to wait for them there, explaining that it is against policy and that the island makes his Ayakashi nervous. Instead, he tells them to contact him from the island's administration building when they are ready to leave.[2]


Boat Ayakashi: The boatman's partner is a boat demon that appears to be half boat and half frog. It has six legs and a tadpole-like tail,[1] and is very agile.[2]


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