The Houin

The Houin Mark (方印, Hōin) is the mark of a Legitimate Successor of the Hazama-Ryu Kekkaijutsu, and resembles a tilted square. However, a person can be a Kekkaishi and not have the Houin mark. The true purpose of the Houin is to signify the connection between a person and Karasumori. Both the Sumimura and Yukimura families have a tradition of taking newborn children to Karasumori. As a result of a spell cast by Tokimori Hazama, if Chushinmaru Karasumori has a good first impression of the child, the Houin will appear on them.[1] The Houin also appears on the most basic Shikigami created by Kekkaishi, even if the Kekkaishi who created them does not have the Houin.


Shigemori's Houin

Successors (those who have the Houin)

Non-Successors (those who do not have the Houin)


Despite a Kekkaishi's status as a Successor or Non-Successor, the Houin is largely treated as the identifying mark of a Kekkaishi, and is always prominently displayed on their clothing while on duty. For the typical uniform, the mark is located twice on the front between the shoulders, at both elbows, and once on the back.



Traditional placement of the Houin

It is unknown why the Houin is always located on specific area of the body. The Yukimura Family has their Houin just above the heart, whilst the Sumimura Clan have theirs on the right palm.[2]


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